3 tips for the perfect tailor-made suit

3 tips for the perfect tailor-made suit

27. April 2022 – POSTED IN: Blog, General

Every stylish man needs at least one sophisticated, unique suit. While most companies have adopted “casual wear” these days, there’s no debate that a man in a well-tailored suit is immediately seen as better looking by women and is more respected by other men. Possibly more importantly, when you look good you feel good and that boost in confidence makes everything you do better and more effective. Whether you’re wearing it to work or dressing it up for a special occasion, it’s important to have that one suit in your closet that makes you and you stand out.

Many men think that buying a quality suit means rushing to the nearest high-end store or tailor and buying a suit that costs a lot of money. This need not be. Getting a great, well-fitting suit is easier and more personal when you have it custom made.

1. Choose the fabric with care

There are several ways to sew a suit, but ultimately it will only turn out to be as big as the raw materials used. It all comes down to choosing the perfect fabric. Aside from choosing the right tailor, this will likely be one of the most important decisions you will make. It’s going to go a long way in determining the final outcome of the suit, not just in terms of how it looks and feels, but how it performs over time.

2. Get to know the “house style” of the tailor.

As a rule, each tailor has his or her own opinion on how a suit should be cut to best fit a man’s body. Certain tailors prefer traditional styles and cut with larger allowances (differences between your measurements and those of the finished garment) for a more generous and smoother fit.

Your tailor may suggest a suit made from a heavier cloth, with a lower gorge line and more structure for the suit jacket, using chest padding and thicker shoulder pads. Conversely, other tailors may prefer to use a lighter cloth, higher gorge, smaller allowances, and less padding.

3. Get in shape

Before purchasing a custom suit, consider one aspect – planning a major body transformation? If so, we recommend that you wait until you have reached your desired weight/body structure and only then have a bespoke suit made.