Black tie

Black tie

27. April 2022 – POSTED IN: Accessories, Blog, style


Festive events in the evening in the house, e.g. B. Ballet, theater, dinner


  • Tuxedos, single or double breasted, in black or deep blue, made of light fabrics, with peaked lapels trimmed with silk, but shawl collars are also commonly seen
  • Trousers in the same color as the jacket, with a simple strip of silk (galon) on the outer seam of the trousers, without cuffs and belt loops
  • Tuxedo shirt in white with flap cuffs, button placket can be covered, the shirt front is pleated lengthwise or crosswise or is reinforced with cotton piqué
  • Waistcoat in black, but also white, corresponds to the style rules, best cut without a back so that it doesn’t get too warm


  • Black ribbon, preferably tied yourself
  • A white linen handkerchief is standard, but a silk pochette is more sophisticated, and you can use that to add a nice pop of color too
  • Tie the cummerbund (if you are not wearing a waistcoat) around the waistband of your trousers, the folds are open at the top
  • Cufflinks, please as elegant as possible, for shirts with an open button placket there are matching shirt buttons
  • Black knee socks
  • Thin-soled black oxford shoes are good, but patent-leather shoes look even better. Pumps are the classic style for a tuxedo here, but smooth patent leather laces also serve the purpose


It is important with a tuxedo that the waist is covered. Either with a waistcoat, the cummerbund or the jacket has a double-breasted cut. Wear shirts with a small, rounded, starched front under a waistcoat, choose larger, rectangular fronts for a cummerbund. The shirt trim should only reach the waistband of the pants, otherwise the shirt will puff up when you sit down.

The lady is wearing a long evening dress with subtle jewelry with her tuxedo. Two big mistakes that happen again and again with the tuxedo: You wear the tuxedo during the day. Or you take off your jacket in the course of the evening. The tuxedo substitute for the day is the Stresemann.

And what does white tie mean?