Chinos and five-pocket trousers made to measure 8. May 2016

Custom-made chinos fit comfortably as jeans and act here almost as elegant as classic suit pants do. They are the perfect companion for every day and leisure use. But what makes a perfect chino?


Basically, they are tailored from robust cotton twill, characteristic are the slanted pockets in the front and originally khaki was their natural colour. After World War II, US soldiers wore their beige uniform pants also to civil occasions – that’s how chinos became fashionable. Nowadays one must not be restricted to only light colours. But since they are still considered to be summer pants, they still look especially good with light colours.

If you decide to buy measure-made chinos, choose the material and colour first and then also the cut pattern of the front part. You have the choice between a flat front, pleats or tucks.