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Cufflinks: For which occasion shouldn’t they be missing?

Cufflinks: For which occasion shouldn’t they be missing?

27. April 2022 – POSTED IN: Accessories, Blog, General

Compared to women, men usually wear little jewellery. Usually a watch adorns the wrist, possibly there is also a ring, a bracelet or a chain. Cufflinks are subtle and at the same time noble pieces of jewelery for men. They also have a practical use: they close the cuffs of the shirt.

Find out below how cufflinks developed and the occasions on which they are worn today. Of course, we will also let you know which models you will find in the denium range.

A brief history of cufflinks

Shirts have been worn by men for thousands of years. Shortly after weaving was invented in the fifth millennium BC, this form of clothing enjoyed great popularity. Of course, the shirts of the past cannot be compared with the pieces of today. Rather, they were tunics, as they were known primarily as Roman clothing.

For a long time, the cuffs of shirts, i.e. the end of the sleeves, were closed with ribbons. At the end of the 18th century, buttons came into fashion here. At first, noble gentlemen used buttons on their shirt sleeves. However, because this closure of the cuffs proved to be practical, it was soon adopted by the working class as well.

But these were still simple buttons – similar to those on the button placket. In the mid-19th century, cuffs were increasingly strengthened. Simple buttons were therefore only suitable for closing them to a limited extent. Therefore, the buttons were increasingly made of metal.

By the end of the 19th century, cufflinks had evolved from being a commodity to being a piece of jewelry. They consisted of a wide variety of materials, such as mother-of-pearl, glass, wood or leather. They were also decorated with motifs or set with precious stones. It was mainly thanks to Coco Chanel that cufflinks developed an unexpected variety in the 1920s.

The rapid rise of the cufflink ended in the 1970s. During this time, shirts were mainly made that were already equipped with buttons. Luckily, from the end of the 1980s, fashion-conscious men remembered the optical effect of cufflinks again. And so today more than ever they are part of an elegant wardrobe.

What are cufflinks made of?

Woraus bestehen Manschettenknöpfe

A cufflink consists of the following parts:

  • Motif carrier
  • connector
  • gag

The motif carrier is the area of the button that is visible. It is usually specially shaped or decorated. Sometimes it also carries a motif – hence its name. The connecting piece runs from the motif carrier to the toggle and is inserted through the holes in the cuff.

The toggle is the counterpart to the motif carrier. It ensures that the button stays on the cuff and in the correct position. That’s why most gags can be rotated 90 degrees. There are different types of toggles, but their function is always the same.

How do I put on cufflinks correctly?

It’s not difficult to put on cufflinks. Nevertheless, a short guide should now follow. The first step is to put the shirt on. It would make the process much more difficult if you put on the buttons first and then put on your shirt. However, you can hang your shirt over the back of a chair for practice.

First you turn the cuffs over and place the holes directly on top of each other. Then you hold the lower side with the hand that is in the sleeve. With the other hand you put the toggle and connector of the button through the holes. Before that, you should put the gag on so that it fits through the holes.

After the button is in the desired place, you put the toggle back on and fix the button. Then turn to the other sleeve and proceed in the same manner. It may take a while for the cufflinks to sit perfectly the first few times. As with many other things, practice makes perfect.

It should be clear that the cuff protrudes from the suit collar. As a result, the buttons can also be seen and are particularly effective. You should bear this in mind when shopping for a suit and shirt.

What occasions are cufflinks suitable for?


Every elegant outfit is upgraded with cufflinks. With a tuxedo, for example, they are almost inevitable. Of course, they are best suited to festive occasions. However, one should rather resort to inconspicuous models. Magnificent buttons would probably be out of place at a wedding – especially if you are the groom.

Discreet cufflinks should also be preferred at an award ceremony, a ball or a birthday in high society. This is different at a party or other informal occasion. There the guests can live out their outfit completely. Eye-catching cufflinks attract interested looks and compliments.

What kind of buttons are worn in the office depends entirely on the dress code . If a more dignified style is required, then the cufflinks should be selected accordingly. If the dress code is more informal, don’t be afraid to wear unusual buttons.

Well combined with jewelry and clothes

It is of course important that the cufflinks go well with the rest of the outfit. The main points of contact are the shirt and the tie. Therefore, the colors of buttons and shirt should match each other. Alternatively, they are close to or opposite each other on the color wheel.

For example, gold cufflinks go well with a blue shirt. The combination with the other accessories also plays a major role. The buttons should therefore be coordinated with the watch, any other jewelry and the belt buckle. If the accessories are silver, then so should the cufflinks.

However, these rules continue to soften. Today, it can increasingly be observed that men wear gold buttons on their cuffs with stainless steel watches, for example. By the way, the wedding ring is usually not taken into account when combining the pieces of jewellery. So if the ring is made of gold, then it is not impossible that the cuffs are held together by silver buttons.

The ideal gift

The ideal gift

Cufflinks are not only an enrichment for your own outfit. They are also ideal as a gift. Since tastes are known to differ, you should give away rather discreet models. After all, it is only in the rarest of cases that one has a comprehensive insight into the wardrobe of the recipient. Unobtrusive buttons are therefore preferable.

Good occasions for giving away cufflinks are, for example, a birthday or an anniversary. Men are also very happy about the pieces of jewelry on Men’s or Father’s Day as well as at Christmas.

Which cufflinks are available from denium?

The range of denium cufflinks is very well selected. It consists of fine pieces of excellent quality and exquisite materials. These include both rather simple models as well as those with motifs or precious stones.

A visual highlight for every outfit is the crystal skull . The skull consists of several crystals and pleases with a mixture of morbidity and elegance.

The cufflinks with round cabochon made of black onyx are also eye-catchers. The gemstones come from Brazil and have a diameter of 16 millimeters. They are subtle and eye-catching at the same time and enhance every shirt.

Welche Manschettenknöpfe gibt es bei denium

Or how about lion heads on the cuffs? It is not for nothing that the lion is the king of the animals. With his grace he impresses the entire wilderness. The lion motif cufflinks express the authority and strength of their wearer. They are made of pure silver to match.

If you like it more subtle, then the square cufflinks are a good choice for you. Your silver look is supported by small rhinestones. The square shape stands out from the usual round buttons. It emphasizes the high demands of the wearer.

The classic models are also rather reserved. They are shaped like knots and are made of silver-colored stainless steel. Due to their simple look, they allow numerous combinations and are suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

klassischen Modelle

Denium: selected fashion for men and women

The denium range is kept rather small, but put together all the more precisely. When selecting our fashion, we attach great importance to offering you very special pieces. Our portfolio is characterized by elegant designs made from high-quality materials. In addition, our garments are 100 percent made in Switzerland.

The focus of our range is on men. But we also provide women with the right outfit. How about an elegant light blue evening dress with a decorative ribbon , for example?

Made-to-measure suits

denium’s services include the tailor-made production of suits. In this area we are leaders in all of Switzerland. You have the choice of different fabrics, cuts and looks for your tailor-made suit. The fabrics we use to make bespoke suits include:

  • pure wool
  • Mixture of wool and other materials
  • cashmere
  • silk
  • flannel

First, our highly trained staff takes measurements. To do this, put on a sample suit that is used to determine sizes and lengths. This takes about an hour, sometimes a little longer for wedding suits. We are also happy to produce special sizes.

Your new suit will be created in our tailoring based on the dimensions. Production takes around four to five weeks. For an express surcharge, however, it is also possible for you to receive your tailor-made suit after just two to three weeks. However, the prerequisite is that the desired fabric is currently in stock.

In order to create the perfect suit that fits you like a glove, not only the measurement is decisive. Communication between tailor and customer is also important. So tell us your wishes, your preferences and the intended use. This is the only way we are able to supply you with the best product that will accompany you for a long time.

The right accessories

The right accessories

In addition to cufflinks, we also carry other accessories that further enhance your outfit. This includes not only ties and bow ties, but also belts and wristwatches.

It is therefore very easy to put together a complete outfit at denium. Take a look around the online shop and select the pieces that particularly appeal to you.

Contact to denium

If you have any questions about one of our products or our entire range, we look forward to hearing from you. A convenient form is available on our homepage for this purpose. However, we can also be reached by e-mail or telephone. We look forward to you!