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How long does it take to take measurements?

As a rule of thumb, you should expect one hour for the measures for the suit, for a wedding suit rather a little longer.

How long does it take to make a tailor-made suit?

The custom-made takes about four to five weeks, in holiday periods it takes a little longer. If you have a fixed date, we recommend that you place your order at least six weeks before the desired date.

Can production be accelerated?

Sure. Our express service can also be custom-made within two to three weeks. However, not all fabrics are always available and there is an express surcharge.

How much does a tailor-made suit cost?

A suit usually costs between 719 CHF and 3’300 CHF.

How many fittings are necessary until the suit is ready?

At the first fitting you try on a finished sample suit, on the basis of which we take measurements. After the production, your new tailor-made suit comes ready to wear from our tailor’s shop. If corrections are still necessary, we will carry them out promptly in our studio. At the latest at the third fitting, your suit should then fully meet your wishes.

What happens if my suit doesn't fit?

The production of a suit is like the planning of a house with the architect: we try to take your individual wishes into account as far as possible from the outset in order to make later changes unnecessary. However, as with any custom-made, “perfection” is in the eye of the beholder, and you’ll find one or two details on each suit that you might want to change the next suit.

You can expect us to receive a well-fitting suit according to your wishes right from the start. But planning your “perfect” suit is a development process. The longer and better we communicate and collaborate, the more individual your suits will be adapted to you. So please be patient with us. If you are still dissatisfied, your suit will be revised, re-tailored or we will take it back and refund the purchase price.

Are there any size restrictions? Do you also offer oversizes?

We offer all common men’s sizes. Men who are smaller than 1.50 m or who have more than about 180 cm waist circumference can be equipped in individual cases; but we are reaching the limits of made-to-measure clothing there.

Does denium make tailor-made suits or made-to-measure clothing?

Both at the same time. Tailor-made suit is called the finished product. Made-to-measure clothing describes the process of tailoring: Identical to tailoring, a new suit is tailored for tailor-made clothing.