Handkerchief: That certain something 8. May 2016 – Posted in: General


To a tailcoat, all Gentlemen should where a handkerchief made from white linen; to a tuxedo some. But in everyday life you encounter these dashes of colour only rarely.

For many men despair even in the daily selection of a matching tie to the shirt – a colour discordant handkerchief would overwhelm them completely. The small clothes are just as simple as a refined statement in order to enhance an outfit and to act in good style.



Originally used as handkerchiefs, these clothes, formerly known under the term Pochettes are only an ornament nowadays. Whether made of cotton, linen, silk, wool: All materials are conceivable, whereby natural fibres should to be preferred over synthetics. Especially silk with its elegant shine will manage well beat the cheaper variants of viscose or polyester. The edges of the silk clothes should be hemmed by hand, handrolled would be the technical term. That’s how good quality of a pochette is revealed.


Colours and patterns

When it comes to colours and patterns your taste knows little boundaries. An unwritten rule is: Do not wear a tie and a handkerchief both of the same material. The colour and pattern of the Pochette should harmonize with shirt, tie, suit, but be by no means equal. The only exception: The tailcoat with cloth and ribbon in white.


Combine it the right way

It takes a good amount of sensitivity to combine elegantly. As an easy guide, you can match up the colours of the shirt and tie in the cloth. The pattern may resemble each other, but also strong contrasts can create an interesting effect. Tie and cloth both made from silk will create a harmonious contrast to a rough wool suit. If you are unsure about your selection: There is no right or wrong, as long as you like it, it is the right choice!



But even without a tie or ribbon you can wear a handkerchief: Even with jeans, jacket and jumper a Pochette will give you a casual elegance. Of course, also the breast pocket of your coat is a perfect place for a handkerchief. Or the breast pocket of your robe. Similarly, if the questions should come up: No, the shirt pocket is off-limits.


Puffy or folded?

Pay attention to the size: The models vary between 20 and 35 centimetres side length. Depending on the material and folding the fabric can bulge the breast pocket quite heavily, so you’re better of to choose smaller towels for lightweight suits. Or a flat folding instead. We show you two versions, how to fold your handkerchief:

The triangle folding:


The American folding: