Men’s fashion: These are the trends for 2021

Men’s fashion: These are the trends for 2021

27. April 2022 – POSTED IN: Blog, General

2021 is an exciting year – in terms of fashion as well as in general. Fashion, and last but not least men’s fashion, is not just a practical, stylish or attention-grabbing stylistic device. Rather, fashion is an expression of the times. What do people want? What is important, what is unimportant? What is the focus?

Fashion answers all these questions in its very own way – without many words, but with all the more expression and esprit. Clothing serves to identify people with themselves and with others. Moods, occasions, business look, leisure look, personal style – fashion is as diverse as we humans are.

Fashion changes over time. In the 14th century, for example, people were shocked by the “obscenely short coats and vests” of the latest men’s fashion. Recently, these only reached up to the thighs, which was tantamount to a scandal.

Nowadays, men’s fashion and fashion in general no longer changes at the pace of decades. Each season produces its own collection. The spring/summer and autumn/winter collections surprise with new ideas, fabrics, cuts and accessories.

What permanent trends are there?

Welche Dauertrends gibt es

Of course there are permanent trends in men’s fashion – the classic evergreens that should not be missing in any wardrobe. These include, for example:

  • high quality jeans
  • well-tailored suits
  • White shirts
  • sporty sweater
  • jackets
  • leather jackets
  • winter coats

But these items of clothing are also subject to change over time. Sometimes the shirts are rather narrow cut and sometimes wider. In one season, on the other hand, the concealed button placket may be trendy. In the 1970s, every self-respecting shirt had a long, pointed collar. In the 1980s, jackets without shoulder pads remained unsaleable as slow-moving items.

Timeless pieces of clothing in constant trend are sustainable and correspond to today’s zeitgeist. Those who like to experiment with fashion can upgrade these pieces with accessories at any time and thus pay tribute to current fashion. The sporty watch, the classic scarf or a flashy belt transform an outfit with little effort. So every outfit adapts to taste, need and occasion.

How can details and accessories be used?

Wie können Details und Accessoires eingesetzt werden

When it comes to accessories, the basic rule is: less is more. A well-tailored suit, perfectly fitting jeans and a classic white shirt speak for themselves. They support the wearer in his personality. Well-chosen accessories also set targeted statements and highlights.

A sporty watch, an eye-catching belt, a ring – the possibilities are almost endless. Depending on the occasion, a single accessory is enough to convey the desired message. It’s worth trying out and gradually developing your own style – envious and admiring looks included!

What does the fashion-conscious man wear?

The answer to this question is quite simple: what he likes. Because only those who feel comfortable in their clothes radiate it. Does the trend dictate tight-fitting shirts with a polka dot pattern? Are pointy cowboy boots en vogue this season? Under no circumstances should today’s man leave his home without an oversized knitted scarf?

Fashion trends from the world’s great catwalks are by no means suitable for everyone. Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with current trends should keep their hands off it. The personal outfit simply has to fit comfortably when you put it on and be in perfect condition. So the wearer concentrates on the important things in life.

If you don’t feel comfortable in trendy clothes, this is reflected in your own charisma. It is better to find your own style and occasionally incorporate a trendy piece. In addition, high-quality pieces that will last a lifetime can be combined with seasonal it-pieces. That’s easy on the wallet – and shows style!

Menswear trends 2021

Menswear trends 2021

2021 will be varied. There is something for every taste: sporty-casual bermudas, a new interpretation of checked shirts, oversized shirts and trench coats are just a few examples. Below is a selection of trends that are setting the tone for menswear in 2021.


Opulence was yesterday – fashion without distractions is soothing and contemporary. With a focus on the essentials, minimalist clothing is the insider tip of the season. The secret lies in the high quality of the individual pieces. Materials of excellent quality make every piece of clothing, no matter how simple, stand out visually.

Simple, clean cuts without frills – fashion in its purest form is the great art. The wearer should pay attention to the excellent fit of the individual pieces, as well as to the impressive quality. Cleverly used accessories add visual highlights to minimalist outfits. A great watch with rolled-up shirt sleeves or a casual belt with suit trousers skilfully sets the scene for minimalism.

Summer suit

Barbecue party in the evening? Going out casually with friends or on a hot date? Dressed up well on holiday or while dancing in the club? The Summer Suit makes it possible! Light and high-quality materials are the basis for the casual suits, which come with well-fitting cuts this summer. The materials are hard-wearing, so the Summer Suit survives a picnic on the beach or a shopping tour unscathed. This suit does just about anything!

To top off the trend: tailor-made summer suits are the ultimate in summer.


The light version in summer, a little warmer in the colder seasons: knitwear collections are popular this season. Knitwear comes in all variations. In the classic look, collections with knitted details, in combination with printed parts and wonderful accessories, this trend can be combined without limits.

Trench coat

The trench coat is anything but a short-lived trend piece. On the contrary: it was discovered for the fashion world as early as the 19th century. Nevertheless, it is reinvented again and again.

In 2021 it will be voluminous and light. The trench coat can be wonderfully combined. Whether it’s a suit or a leisure outfit – with the trench coat its wearer is well prepared for all eventualities!

Of course, the trench coat can be perfectly combined with our tailor-made suits. Shirts, waistcoats and jackets can be worn in a classic and comfortable way with a trench coat.


When is a man a man? If he feels comfortable, of course! With the current workwear, the masculine side of the wearer is emphasized. Strong and robust materials, angular cuts, patch pockets – workwear is extremely practical inspired. Whether for the office, leisure time or any other occasion – men’s fashion in workwear style suits every occasion in 2021.

Casual homewear

Balloon silk and baggy sweatpants? Anyone who still considers homewear to be unpresentable to the public is welcome to be inspired by this trend: casual homewear. Soft and casual materials and cuts make jogging pants & Co. an absolute trend item.

Combined with high-quality sneakers and an oversized hoodie, the wearer is dressed absolutely casually. chilling with the boys? Check. A spontaneous trip with an unknown destination? Check. A cozy Sunday with your favorite person at home on the couch and be well dressed? Check again. The new casual homewear makes it possible!


Opinions regularly differ on Bermuda. But they also appear on catwalks around the world just as regularly. 2021 is no exception. This season it’s worn to the knee and longer. That was definitely different: Short, tight and narrow, it came dangerously close to swimming trunks.

Those who wear Bermuda shorts in 2021 have complete freedom. The combination with polo shirt and jacket works just as well as the leisure outfit with t-shirt and hoodie. Sneakers, leisure shoes, flip-flops go well with this – everything is possible. But one no-go has stuck over the years: Bermuda shorts in the restaurant in the evening were, are and will remain frowned upon!

Neon, prints, check

2021 will be colourful! Anything that is fun is allowed. Trend parts in neon colors of all shades are particularly common. This not only applies to sporty outfits, but also to jackets, shirts and especially to trousers and shoes in a casual look.

The check pattern is also being worn again on the catwalks. Similar to the trench coat, it is reinvented again and again. New plaid patterns and combinations make plaid a light-footed mix between trendy and permanent trend. As the it-piece of the season, it is a must-have in men’s fashion for 2021.

Printed fashion is one of the absolute trends and has the potential to stay for a long time. The possible uses and different prints are so diverse. Men wear them discreetly with a business look, conspicuous as a leisure outfit, large prints as a statement or small patterns as a visual companion to eye-catching accessories.

Our collections of printed textiles can be wonderfully combined for any occasion!

Shirts und Hosen

Autumn winter

In the 2021 autumn and winter season, cosiness will be a top priority. Other keywords of the season: casual, feeling good, high-quality knitwear, oversize, natural materials. If you want to feel good, you can draw on plenty of fashion options in the cold season of 2021. Noble, classic and sporty knitwear can be combined with winter coats and trousers made of high-quality wool – winter can come!

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