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27. April 2022 – POSTED IN: General

You often see them with evening wear, but they have become rare in everyday life: the bow tie, also known as a bow tie, has unfortunately been replaced by the tie. The small tie is a great eye-catcher, the bow stands for individuality and exquisite taste.


Bow tie or bow tie?

The experts argue about the difference between the terms bow tie and bow tie and the layman is surprised. What is certain is that the word fly is used more colloquially and that is why we will stick to the term loop here.


Bind or let bind?

Most bows come pre-tied, and you can adjust the neck size with hooks on the ribbon. Connoisseurs tie themselves, however – when it comes to a tie, a gentleman doesn’t grab a tie on an elastic band either. The custom-made bow is really perfect according to your neck width and your taste. “Off the shelf” you buy bows according to your shirt size. However, versions for self-tying with a neck width that can be adjusted with a hook are also possible.


Shapes and colors

The variety of shapes is limited to the width (usually between 5 and 7 cm) and the cut of the ends. They are either straight cut or tapered. There are hardly any limits to colors and materials. The same applies here as for ties: silk is always preferable to viscose or synthetic fibers. Cotton or wool can be used for special effects, but the less smooth material is a little more difficult to tie.


The occasions

The bow is almost always part of a festive occasion. But there are fixed rules here: wear a black bow with a dinner jacket and a white bow with a tailcoat. In everyday work, on the other hand, you have more freedom, although bosses from very conservative industries prefer to see the tie on their employees. As a beginner, do not immediately choose the brightest variant, test yourself slowly.


How to tie your bow

Are you convinced, want to commit and don’t know how? The tying looks more complicated than it is: it’s the equivalent of an ordinary shoelace knot, you just have to be careful not to twist the ties. Don’t try your first test ties in front of a mirror, but tie the loop around your thigh, or something the diameter of your neck.