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“Smart Casual” meets “New Normal” – the combination of two trends

“Smart Casual” meets “New Normal” – the combination of two trends

27. April 2022 – POSTED IN: General

Get out of bed and into business!

That’s how it was for most of us last year and it wasn’t without repercussions – also in the fashion world. Our daily lifestyle changed, and so did the demand for certain products. Now the designers faced new challenges – old and new trends had to be combined with wearing comfort and suitability for everyday use. What first looked like a challenge turned out to be a new opportunity for the fashion industry: the “New Normal” movement also arrived in the fashion world.

Home office is not the same as pajamas! For many, it was difficult to develop a certain discipline while working at home, because the usual morning rituals that are otherwise familiar were no longer necessary. But it is precisely these that usually prepare us for the coming working day, physically and mentally. So many opted for appropriate but comfortable outfits in the home office area. Smart but convenient; stylish but casual: «Smart Casual» meets «New Normal».


Herrenanzug, Royal Blue

The “New Normal” line found its beginning thanks to society’s new sense of the times – many things are different today, you can’t deny it. But those who keep up with the times and recognize opportunities correctly can only win in every situation. Slow fashion is the keyword of the fashion world for the year 2021 – you want long-lasting, high-quality, comfortable and still representative clothing. The “New Normal” line captures the fashion trend of 2021 and presents itself with sustainable, natural and airy materials. Versatile, durable and yet so comfortable – it meets the current demands of the fashion world. With rather neutral and yet versatile tones in pastel, beige or sky blue, you have the ideal basic wardrobe for every occasion. The light and natural fabrics allow to relax in the garments and aim at a certain level.


Cotton Poplin

Especially today, a lot of value is placed on the casual smart casual look: whether on a call in the home office, at a meeting, or even in leisure time with friends, the elegant style has firmly established itself in society. Last year’s sales figures and today’s fashion trend convinced us to pay special attention to this look in spring 2021 as well. Our Smart Casual line is made for spring 2021 and convinces with natural and high-quality fabrics. Denium attaches great importance to quality and workmanship, with great attention to detail. The focus of this season is the diversity of clothing – dresses that can be worn for any occasion and still look elegant and stylish in them. Let our recommendations convince you and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any individual requests, we will be happy to advise you.



Blue Bag

Spring is coming, and with it the desire to travel again. Whether for a family visit over the holidays, for a wellness weekend, or for a visit to the gym – the weekender offers enough space for your wardrobe and also looks stylish. The ideal travel companion for your next adventure! Show off your taste on the go with this trendy accessory. Made from robust and high-quality materials, the bag meets the highest demands. The bag combines excellently with the smart casual look and sets a trendy accent, it is also incredibly practical and versatile. Find your favorite among our recommendations, we will be happy to advise you if you have any questions or requests.