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The sign of your successFind your way to your very own style

The high art of the suit: The tailored suit is the status symbol for people who would actually prefer not to show their status. It is for people who appreciate quality. For people who are looking for the best and yet individual solution for their clothing needs. Are you one of these?

Be individual.  You decide what your suit should look like. 

Tapered or casual? Wide or narrow lapel? Single- or double-breasted? Choose without compromises: Your fabric, your features, your inner lining, your measurements.

Ihr individueller Anzug

Working on a suit is like working on the design of your new house or the planning of your next vacation. Every design, every idea, every glance has room for improvement.

Every equipment, every material, every change to style will affect the fit of your suit. And also you may subject to variations: After a long day at work your posture will be different from what it looks like after your yoga-class on Sunday – this will ultimately influence the fit of your suit.

Therefore,your tailored suit will not be perfect. But it will be more individual than all your previous suits. And hopefully it will also meet your expectations better than the others. This suit is a step on your way to the perfect suit. A big step.

Once you have tried your first suit, we hold on to smaller size corrections for your next order.  After your second suit, we will correct even more. And also after your third. And also after your 100st.

And so, eventually, we will reach perfection after your very own personal and individual vision.