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What is bespoke tailoring?

What is bespoke tailoring?

27. April 2022 – POSTED IN: General

Bespoke tailoring as we know it today has existed since the early 19th century. Did you know that up to 225 work steps are necessary before you hold the finished suit in your hands?

Definition and explanation: Bespoke tailoring refers to the manual production of clothing. Until the late 19th century, tailoring was the only way to make suits.

In the 20th century, tailoring was almost completely replaced by ready-made clothing, i.e. industrially prefabricated clothing. Since the 1970s, bespoke tailoring has increasingly been replaced by made-to-measure clothing.

The main difference between bespoke tailoring and bespoke clothing is that the bespoke tailor makes a new personal pattern for each customer. This complex way of working enables a particularly high degree of individualization. However, it is only really necessary for a very small proportion of productions. This high degree of individualization means more time is required (at least three to five fittings are regularly required for a tailor-made suit) and a higher risk compared to made-to-measure clothing, since there are no uniform standards.

A visit to a bespoke tailor is particularly useful for men and women with unusual body measurements that deviate greatly from the norm. As a customer of a bespoke tailor, you should be able to express your desires accurately and in detail during the tailoring process. Every second person – including the tailor and you – has different ideas about how a “well-fitting suit” should really sit and where. The more precisely you can tell the tailor, the more precisely he can respond to your wishes.

denium: Your bespoke tailoring shop in Zurich

Enjoy the pleasant feeling of being well and elegantly dressed. In addition to tailor-made and exquisite suits, you will discover selected men’s and women’s fashion for everyday use. With us you will find high-quality fashion for leisure time as well as for everyday work.

All our models have exclusive details. In addition to garments with prints, these are also collections with knitted elements. With us you will find extraordinary and unique combinations. We manufacture our collections in our tailoring shop and entirely in Switzerland.

Would you like a complete type change? At denium, you can change your clothes immediately. The high-quality fashion always fits perfectly. In our range we have products from the following categories:

  • suits
  • shirts
  • coats
  • accessories

Convince yourself of our wide range. At denium, we combine exquisite designs with fine fabrics. The clothes impress with a perfect fit. We pay attention to the smallest detail when making our suits. With dedication and expertise, we tailor your suits in our tailoring shop. We enable you to wear beautiful unique pieces with our creations.

Our tailoring will make your suit according to your wishes

Do you want to set fashionable accents with our suits at work or at a festive event? We cater to your taste. The more precisely we know your fashion ideas, the more accurately we can implement your wishes. The employees in our bespoke tailoring shop make unusual items of clothing for all standard men’s sizes. If you need a custom-made product, we will be happy to advise you on our offer.

We offer you high-quality suits from as little as 719 francs. Our tailoring team needs about an hour to take the measurements. To do this, slip into a sample suit. We will take care of any changes immediately. Our specialists in the bespoke tailoring department complete the bespoke production within four to five weeks.

If you need the suit for a specific occasion, place the order with us about six weeks in advance. We assure you that you will wear a well fitting and quality suit to the event.

Exquisite fabrics for your fashion

With us you will discover high-quality tailor-made suits and exquisite men’s fashion for leisure and everyday office life. Our distinctive women’s fashion inspires with a modern and at the same time classic style. Our clothing impresses with high-quality fabrics and is extremely comfortable to wear. Because our fashion suits every event.

The materials are of excellent quality. You will be amazed at the convenience of our garments. We work with wool fabrics or mixed wool fabrics. We are happy to combine the wool fabrics with other materials. Suits made of wool or a wool blend are preferred, especially in summer. The materials hardly wrinkle and the suits always look like new.

In winter, our customers love to wear cashmere and flannel or silk suits. Our fashion is durable, the cuts are timeless and inspire with fashionable chic. They wear our fashion perfectly on every occasion.

With our elegant suits, you will feel suitably equipped at all times

Thanks to our fashion, you are appropriately and exquisitely dressed for every occasion and opportunity. When it comes to men’s fashion, we at denium are unparalleled in Switzerland. We understand our craft and fully respond to your needs. You decide from which materials and how your garment should be made by us in our tailoring.

With us you are fashionably in the best hands. We at denium stand for quality work and accuracy as well as for stylish advice. We fulfill your ideas and your highest demands. Thanks to our diverse range, you will find a varied and elegant fashion for your leisure time as well as for your professional life.

Our first-class accessories flatter the elegant suits

Do you want to impress in style both professionally and privately? With the right accessories you show taste and a well-groomed appearance. With the right accessories , your fashion looks perfect. The overall appearance underlines your personality and lets you shine. In addition to exquisite ties and watches, we also offer you selected belts and beautiful cufflinks.

Men’s watches not only look flattering, they are also practical. So you always have an eye on the time. Watches appear timeless. They wear them appropriately for every occasion. Beautiful and high-quality watches put your appearance in the best light.

Your suit will look incomplete without the right tie . You add prestige and weight to your clothes with a classy tie. We carry models in different designs. The imaginative color variations and the original patterns on the ties will convince you. Your appearance will be given that special something thanks to our beautiful ties, and they will also look harmonious with your suit.

Belts are worn both at work and in leisure time. A colour-coordinated belt enhances your suit. For your stylish appearance, we rely on the classic shades of brown and black for our belts. A well-chosen belt emphasizes the high-quality fabrics and the perfect tailoring of your suit.

Do you want to shine with stylish fashion on an important occasion? With our cufflinks you set noble and fashionable accents. You will discover a variety of models with us. We carry these pieces of jewelry in the colors gold and silver. The cufflinks set highlights at every festive event.

The perfect fashion for leisure and everyday office life

With our fashion, our tailoring always sets new style trends. This will make you look elegant and appropriately dressed for the occasion at the same time. Our fashion is also very comfortable. The casual clothing convinces with its suitability for everyday use. Our representative clothing for everyday office life and for the home office has proven itself with pleasant and fashionable as well as exquisite wearing comfort.

We at denium rely on durable, light and natural fabrics. Our comfortable fashion always follows the current trend. Our clothing is ideal for both private and professional occasions.

We recommend that you choose color variants for your clothes that you can easily combine with each other. The colors pastel and beige as well as sky blue are particularly suitable for this purpose.

With our high-quality and casual leisurewear you correspond to the fashionable zeitgeist. You’ll be just as impressive in our clothing during a video call in the home office as at a team meeting in the office. In your free time you look elegant and exquisitely dressed. We at denium follow the current fashion trends closely. We tailor the fashionable clothing with the utmost care and with a good eye for detail.

This season we are focusing on clothing that can be used flexibly. You can combine the noble materials again and again and in many different ways. Our wrinkle-free suits made of wool and cotton or silk will keep you looking stylish all day long.

These materials are weatherproof. Therefore, the suits hold up in rain as well as in sunshine. If you are out and about all day, you can still enjoy your well-fitting clothes in the evening.

Your perfect appearance at an important and big business meeting

Nowadays, the dress codes in everyday working life are less strictly regulated in many places than they used to be. We recommend that you inquire exactly what clothing is desired for which occasions.

If you take part in exclusive business events, score points with classic dark suits made of fine materials from our tailoring department. Alternatively, suits in dark blue or dark gray are suitable for large events.

Suits with pinstripes are also popular. Match it with a white shirt and wear a solid-colored tie that matches the shade of the suit. If you want to impress with a patterned tie, then wear a rather inconspicuous model. Your overall appearance should be restrained.

Our cufflinks refine your professional appearance. We advise you to be picky about your shoes. Leather lace-up shoes are extremely good for important professional appointments.

In a two- or three-piece suit, you will always look professional. Make sure the color of the belt and shoes match the color of the suit.

If you’re sightseeing, it’s best to wear a jacket. A classy polo shirt fits perfectly for this occasion. You feel comfortable in cotton or corduroy pants. They are a good choice for the occasion.

Alternatively, show yourself in high-quality, dark jeans. Combine the trousers with an exquisite turtleneck sweater and high-quality leather lace-up shoes.

Your professional appearance in everyday business

For an informal occasion, feel free to wear a nice polo shirt or a subtle sweater. You perfect your appearance with a matching day suit and first-class leather shoes with flat heels. If you like wearing classy jeans, wear them to a casual professional gathering.

For informal gatherings, choose fabrics with subtle patterns and subtle color combinations. In a suit or shirt with high-quality cotton trousers, you will appear in the best light for an after-work beer. You don’t have to wear your classy tie at an informal meeting with colleagues.

Do you work in an industry without specific dress codes? Nevertheless, make sure you look neat. With a pair of comfortable but high-quality trousers, you are definitely dressed appropriately. Combine the trousers from our tailoring department with exquisite sweaters or crease-free polo shirts, for example. Complete your look perfectly with a matching blazer.

Your noble and glamorous appearance on a festive occasion

You’ll shine at every festive occasion in a one- or two-row tuxedo from our tailoring department. We recommend that you choose a suit made of light fabrics, black or dark blue, for a concert evening. Your pants should be the same color as the jacket.

Your trousers will look classy if they have a simple strip of silk on the outer seam. Wear a white shirt with folding cuffs with your tuxedo. This is how you prove you have a good sense for high-quality fashion.

You can make your appearance particularly stylish on a festive occasion with a handsome waistcoat. In summer, you should preferably wear a backless vest so that you feel completely comfortable.

The accessories from our range make your tuxedo look particularly exquisite. It is best to combine your jacket with a black bow or a handkerchief made of white linen. Alternatively, choose a silk pochette. This looks particularly flattering and noble.

Black stockings go best with your dark colored suit. We advise you to wear black shoes with thin soles. With patent leather shoes you look exquisite and well equipped for a festive evening. For example, enjoy an opera in a tuxedo from our tailor-made shop.

We look forward to welcoming you to our branch in Zurich. We take the time for you and advise you professionally and individually. Contact us using the form on our website . We look forward to you!